Solar Power

We offer a variety of solar power systems for an efficient means of generating your own electricity. Whether you are looking for a full home system integration or a solar attic ventilation solution, Gulf Coast Renewable Resources has the right system for you.

Solar Panels

How It Works

The Enlighten website provides a wide range of information on the performance of your solar power system and individual solar modules. A graphical representation of the solar array provides "at a glance" information on the status of each module. More detailed information, including current and lifetime performance metrics, gives users a true view of the benefits of their solar energy installation. In addition, Enlighten provides access to mobile devices, allowing system owners
to view real-time performance information anywhere, at anytime.

Solar Panels

Grid-Tie Systems


"Grid-tie" photovoltaic systems are an easy and affordable way to implement solar power systems for your home or business. We utilize the highest quality solar panels, coupled with Enphase microinverters for an efficient means of generating your own electricity. Our package systems can be monitored via the Enphase Enlighten website, allowing you to see how each of your solar panels are operating. These grid-tied systems feed into your service panel, supplying your circuits the power they need during the day. Any excess electricity generated is sent back to the grid through a bi-directional meter—literally causing it to spin backwards. At night or on days of cloud cover, your home or business then draws it's power from the grid.

Grid-Tie with Battery Backup

"Grid-tie with battery backup" systems act like a standard grid-tie system, but they charge a bank of batteries before sending power to your service panel. In the event of a power outage, your critical circuits can remain working by use of the stored energy in the batteries. These systems can be highly beneficial to those who live in hurricane prone areas. Unlike backup generators, our systems can be utilized every day the sun shines. They do not require gas, they do not emit dangerous carbon monoxide, they are not noisy and they require minimal maintenance. Our battery backup systems will also utilize the Enphase monitoring system so you can still keep up with the performance of the solar panels.

Solar Attic Fans

Attic Breeze offers the ideal ventilation solution for virtually any residential or commercial application. Manufactured in Texas using only the highest quality parts and materials, Attic Breeze solar attic fans are designed to consistently deliver the quality performance you expect. Attic Breeze UltraFlō™ technology maximizes solar attic fan performance, keeping your attic cool throughout the day and reducing heat transfer into your home. Available in a variety of colors, roof flashings, and solar panel mounting options, Attic Breeze has a solution for all of your ventilation needs.

Solar Panels

Now included with all of our solar attic fan installations...Breeze Mate solar attic fan live monitoring!

Solar Panels